IMPORTANT: (*) meshes marked with this sign are simple models suitable for games and such.


Out of all of the gigantic ships that have ever been created, this one takes the cake. It combines the fighters of a fleet carrier, the guns of a cruiser, and the raw killing power of a huge plasma gun. Kinda like a Sivar, a Behemoth, and a Vesuvius all rolled into one. These huge beasts are a threat to Confed all by themselves, let alone as part of a task force. As for Confed, there's good news and bad news. Good news is Intel indicates that there aren't too many of these huge suckers running around. Bad news is that they've got these suckers running around at all. In a couple sims I've flown against this baby, whole fighter wings have been demolished trying to take her down. She's not invincible, but she's a very tough nut to crack. The "arms" of the Tiamat stretch out for several hundred meters, and have incredible crossfire in that zone. My guess is that most fighters who try their luck in there won't be coming out. As for the plasma weapon, you have all heard that it can take out entire fleets without a problem, and that's no lie. When you add the amount of firepower this beast can bring to bear on you, which is equivalent to entire Confed strike forces, it kinda makes you uncomfortable knowing that there may be one of these in the same system as you. To sum it up, this thing is the most deadly force known to man, and the bad thing is, we don't own it. (TCE)