• What is Wing Commander 3D?
  • Do I have to give credit?
  • Is the site content copyrighted?
  • General Guideline for Object Construction.




What is Wing Commander 3D?

Wing Commander 3D is a collection pool of mod work. I don't know how willing people are to openly share for the purpose of sharing. I think it's a fairly noble approach, maybe it would go over well. People who made the models for their specific project might have not originally planned on making them available to all. It can be hard to let go of something you worked on, but it's worth a try anyways.

Do I have to give credit?

We presume that artists want proper credit for all uses of their work. Therefore we have a set of reasonable guidelines for each type of use. In spite of the personal opinion of each artists it is presumed that every artist who participates in this site with materials agrees to this also. There are many reasons for this. First is to do the moral and ethical thing by giving credit and recognition to those who have graciously supplied us with wonderful materials. Second is to protect the rights of each artist by helping to keep others from claiming credit for their work. Although rare, there is a problem with this. All we ask is that you credit us. AND most would like to know what you are doing for curiosity purposes. That's the reason we have them online fellas. WE want to see what you are doing with the models.

Is the site content copyrighted?

Every image, animation, model, and other forms of artwork on this site are owned by Wing Commander 3D or it's contributing artists. The original concept and design of copyrighted material is owned by Origin. But the model does BELONG to it's creator. The original copyright belongs to Origin for example. These models and other artwork can be used in any way for NON-commercial NON-profit means without expressed written permission. That is why they are public-domain. But that does not mean you can do whatever you want with the artwork. Any use of the models requires CREDIT. All other commercial and/or profit use is prohibited under copyright laws.

General Guideline for Object Construction.
Type of Object
Average Poly Count
Object Size
Space Derbies/Beacons 1-500 ± 10%
Light Fighters
400-600 ± 10% Small
Medium Fighters
500-700 ± 10% Small-Medium
Heavy Fighters
600-800 ± 10% Medium
700-1500 ± 10% Medium-Large
Capital Ships
1000-2000 ± 10%
2000-3000 ± 10% Huge
Planets 5000 + Ludicrous

This is just a general guideline for object construction, and some models may require a higher poly count in order to be properly constructed. You better not have anything that is up in the range of Ludicrous with out any good reason, unless you are building a planet with lots of detail (cities, canyons, etc...) =)

Capping: The model must have no open holes, even if the faces are not going to be seen. This should prevent the dreaded doubling up of face during conversion, and make Boolean operations easier and will eliminate many problems associated with file conversion between various formats.

Optimizing: No flat surface should have more then (number of edges minus two) faces. A face is defined by three points (vertices).


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