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10.08.2004 | Tolwyn
We Are Back In Business!!!

Hello all faithful fans, and greetings to new visitors! It's been far too long since my last update, but I haven't been idle and I have some exciting news! I was working hard on promised content update, so here they are - long overdue high detailed models.

Where shall I start? I have added three new Confederation fighters (a high detailed Arrow, a Hellcat and a Thunderbolt; last two models courtesy of my pet project Wing Commander Saga). Additionally, another Arrow was added, with a pirate paintjob. The icing on the cake are two high detailed Kilrathi cap ships, both modeled by a skilled 3d artist, known in the Wing Commander community as Zohrath. A Fralthi II, a heavy cruiser and a new version of the Kilrathi Dreadnought, made in Maya 4.0. File size of this monster is 50 MB (zipped). You will need a very powerful CPU only to open (!) this model.

One final comment, regarding the Fan Site of the Year contest: Wing Commander 3D had won a runner up award :-)

More exciting content is underway, this time it won't take 1 year to finalize it. I give you my word on that ;-)

Take care,


12.04.2003 | Tolwyn
WC 3D Update!

Zohrath was so kind to provide the redone version of the Vesuvius mesh, which is now working with 3d Studio Max R4 and R5! The old version can be still downloaded from Zohraths 3d website.
I had also time to add several low poly models and I have to tell you they are really good. Among them is a fabulos Dragon, Hellcat and a nice mesh of the Confed Longbow :)

21.02.2003 | Tolwyn
WC 3D Update!

I've been going through a lot of nonsense over the past month in my real life, and it meant I could no longer work on the site. I won't bore you with the gory details, all you guys are interested in is the site, right? (still, if you want to know more, go to this website). Anyway, I already announced in WC CIC forums that I'm merging the WC3D and WCMDF. Well, this is finished: I've added all models that were futured by WCMDF, except for several ones, that were too incomplete or too buggy. I have several great models to add. Happy Downloading!
Just to mention, I've created the WC3D forum. Fell free to post there :-)
Tolwyn out!

05.01.2003 | Tolwyn
Two New Hi-Res Meshes!

Zohrath has just informed me that he has brought his 3d site back online. You'll find it here.
As for the latest additions. I've converted the Talahasse (3ds). Besides that Corsair(pilot) was so kind to provide his mesh of the Confed Broadsword. It is available in 3ds and in its original LWO format.
Happy Downloading!

23.12.2002 | Tolwyn
New Member

We have another new artist onboard!
Now let me introduce to you, the one and only Michael Johnston... Michael will be helping with conversion. Here is a completed piece by him: Arrow for Lightwave (original model by Mihai Vladu). 3ds version is coming soon.
Additionaly, I've uploaded the Tiamat, SWACS and the low poly version of the Kilrathi Drednought!

20.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Important Note

I've got several emails like this one:

"I need your help ive been downloading your models but found that every time I to unzip them they won't is it possible to get these models".

I use RAR technology instead of ZIP compressing to give you up to 63% smaller downloads.That's why you have to use WinRAR 3.x or a compatible program with the ability of extracting WinRar3 files. If you fear viruses in one of the files, you don't need to worry. I test all uploads with two independant uptodate virus scanners before uploading them. So the chance is extremely low that any of our files ever are infected with any virus.

15.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Latest Additions.

Added 3DMax version of the Hornet by Howard Day. Added new Thunderbolt MKVII by Steele.
I've also put the wip section online. There you'll find the impressive Kilrathi Snakeir by Nathan Davies.
Finally you can find in the "other fighters" section new Privateer 2 ship in 3ds and Max format. It is the ML01 Duress!

12.12.2002 | Tolwyn
New Meshes added!

Several new models added. Arrow, Jalthi and Ranger Class carrier (include flightgroup textures:CV-40 TCS Victory, CV-41 TCS Liberty, CV-42 TCS Wellington and CV-43 TCS Freedom !!) are now available for download.

Attention mod authors and talented Wing Commander fans!

If you want to contribute anything to this project then email me to: tolwyn_@web.de

Visit my second project here: http://www.scifi3d.de/wcsaga/

09.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Black Wolf Interviews Tolwyn about Wing Commander and FS2!

There is a new interview with Tolwyn about Wing Commander Saga: Battlegroup Serpent at HLP. The interview is in English; it is part of an interview on Tolwyn's projects :-)
Latest Additions:
Two cap ships and three fighters added: Vampire, Excalibur, Panther, Murphy and the TCS Behemoth. Steele again.

08.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Kilrathi Dreadnaught added!!!

Zohrah has provided us with his beautiful mesh of the mighty Kilrathi Dreadnaught!!! Additionaly two new confed fighters were added: Vampire and Bearcat. Both of them from Steele.

Please don't ask me to make a model for you.

I know I'm working on 2 or 3 projects for people right now, and I'll do my best to finish them, but please do not write to me asking for a new model to be made, I simply can't do it right now.

07.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Latest Additions.

Added Hornet by Howard Day. Check out his website too. Added Thunderbolt MKVII by scheherazade. Added 6 Wing Commander hi-res meshes: Hellcat V, Longbow, Excalibur, Dralthi MK2, Dralthi MK3 and Banshee. All of them from the irrepressible Alan Hart.

06.12.2002 | Tolwyn
What is Wing Commander 3D?

Wing Commander 3D is a collection pool of mod work. I don't know how willing people are to openly share for the purpose of sharing, though i donno, i think its a fairly noble approach, maybe it would go over well. People who made the models for their specific project might have not planned on making it available to all. It can be hard to let go of something you worked on, but its worth a try anyways. I'll message some of the recent project people and see if they wanna donate.

05.12.2002 | Tolwyn
Site is up and running.

Ok the site is fixed, although it still may be some errors, I dont know where they are so if you find out please notify me.

Credits: We presume that artists want proper credit for all uses of their work. Therefore we have a set of reasonable guidelines for each type of use. In spite of the personal opinion of each artists it is presumed that every artist who participates in this site with materials agrees to this also. There are many reasons for this. First is to do the moral and ethical thing by giving credit and recognition to those who have graciously supplied us with wonderful materials. Second is to protect the rights of each artist by helping to keep others from claiming credit for their work. Although rare, there is a problem with this. All we ask is that you credit us. AND most would like to know what you are doing for curiosity purposes. That's the reason we have them online fellas. WE want to see what you are doing with the models.


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